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Laden eines Elektroautos © Johannes Menk
Laden eines Elektroautos © Johannes Menk

Electric Mobility

Vehicles with electric propulsion offer great potentials for the reduction of traffic-related CO2 emissions as well as for the reduction of petroleum imports. To achieve this objective, the federal government has taken up the subject of electric mobility in the 'Integrated Energy and Climate Programme' (August 2007). In August 2009, a 'National Development Plan for Electric Mobility (NEP)' was adopted by cabinet decision. Beginning in May 2011, this was updated and further developed into the 'Governmental Electric Mobility Programme'. This programme forms the framework for the technological development and market introduction of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles in Germany. It envisages Germany's becoming the leading provider and leading market for electric mobility. A million electric vehicles should be operating on German streets in 2020.

To implement the government's electric mobility programme (May 2011), the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) is planning the conduct of various funding programmes and individual measures. The 'Electric Mobility' project management agency in the German Aerospace Center supports the funding policy of the BMWE departments IVC4 and VIIB5 in the area of electric mobility. It implements the latter's funding projects technically and organisationally according to applicable directives. The project management agency thus assumes an intermediary function between the BMWi as client and applicants from commerce, research and administration.

The core tasks in this connection are the following: 

  • Conceptual legwork such as the preparation of position papers and support during the preparation of funding activities
  • Reviewing and assessing applications and ideas
  • Technical and administrative project preparation and support, interim and success assessments, financial controlling and coordinating key areas
  • Supporting the BMWi during the development of interdepartmental and transnational cooperation

The project management agency's employees are vital points of contact on project funding. They ensure the highest professional standards and support clients in complying with the legal framework.

Startseite Elektromobilität

09.09.2008 Berlin

Startseite Elektromobilität